Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Biz Plan Hacks

The trail today takes to some Biz Plan Hacks.
Knowing where to draw the line is wisdom they say. From where I sit anyone who has accomplished great things has achieved the results at a price. Their achievements were paid for with the currency of dedication and consistency. They never quit, they learned from their mistakes and made an adjustment to their approach and focused on results. They learned the difference between goals and results ...
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Getting help with your website design or making changes to your site that need some programming help is easier than you might think. Thanks to Anita Campbell for pointing to 99 Tips for Poor Web Startups, I like tip 55 because it links to a couple of good resources and ideas to help you modify your website or make a design change.
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Listen to the podcast: 6 Step Startup Plan for a Business

If these samples are enough to catch and hold your interest, then you should add this site to your RSS Reader and keep up with the Biz Plan Hacks with Greg Belanko-Dickson.

Disclosure - Greg is also a compatriot and member of the Joyful Jubilant Learning network. Aside from that fact, the Hitchhiker Team still would have written about this site. It meets all the requirements of quality along the long tail.

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