Monday, December 04, 2006

Boomer Marketing - Mary Brown

Finally an anti-aging skin care message that doesn’t take itself seriously! Starting with an initial warning on the Reversa web site “The content of this site may offend women under 35,” you know you are in for some fun. Follow along on the adventures of a stylish 40-something woman as she is visited by various plumber and pastry chef hunks. All a result of using Reversa, of course.
From Mary Brown writing at Boomer Marketing. Read the full posting here.
Tom Peters provided a recent plug for the new book, Boom. This sounds like a book to add to my reading list.

Last night was open house at my daughter’s middle school. Dozens of us forty- and fifty-something parents dutifully sat through each teacher’s orientation. By the fifth presentation, the majority of us were sufficiently dumbstruck by the near total replacement of hardcopy communication tools with online solutions.

Each teacher had a blog site where students could check class schedules, daily curriculum covered, homework assignments and send comments or questions. Grades would no longer be dispensed quarterly through the mail. Instead you could check your child’s progress up to the day via a private link on the school’s site.

This would hearten David WarlickWill Richardson and others on the educational web 2.0 campaign. Read the full posting by Mary here.
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