Saturday, December 02, 2006

Smack in the face awakening

I am suddenly hit smack in the face with the one thing about love that truly defines love…giving love to someone in the way THEY want to receive it, not the way YOU want to give it.
Have you been smacked in the face by this awakening? If you have children and haven't, guess what? Someday, I expect that you will.
She writes in the About section: is designed to promote character education and strong social and behavior skills in children. We offer information for parents and teachers on many topics, including bullying, anger management, sibling rivalry, and peacefulness. In addition, we offer expertise on subjects that will be part of a child’s development of a healthy self, including healthy eating, positive interaction with one’s community and environment, special challenges, and important information on how kids are affected by the media. We also offer books and products for parents, teachers and kids, all designed to strengthen character and self esteem in kids.
The trail from a Boston Globe article lead me to Karen Carlsson-Paige and ultimately to Parenting Bookmark.
If you have children, you will want to visit this page; maybe even bookmark it to come back often!
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