Thursday, December 21, 2006

Deep Fun - Bernie DeKoven

The trail takes a funny turn today and makes new connections. Checked in with Sandra to see her current posting and found Bernie. Clicked through to Bernie's site and found he wrote about Seymour Papert. I wrote about Seymour on Sunday.

Bernie writes
O, it succeeded, the Power Pad did, in its way, but not in its time. And it made me honestly contemplate the possibility that maybe it's not so bad, actually, not such a minor achievement, in fact, not something one would poo-poo, the Power Pad, and all those things and people before their time, who, despite financial failures, have made this time possible.
Read his full posting to find out how this was connected to Dance-Dance-Revolution.

Bernie writes
The Hoseball, Son of Schmertlz, came into being as a direct result of the propinquitous ubiquity of both knee-high and thigh-high hosiery. A 2-3-sock sockball, stuffed into the toe of these hose forms, creates a thing to fling of such stretchy spinworthiness that it is oft likened to a weapon of soft, but nonetheless intimidating attribute. A well-flung hoseball, trailed spectacularly by its gauzy, wobbly, hose-formed tail, beckons every eye on the playground.
With family time in the warmer than normal New England area, hoseball might be something to try. Check out the full posting.

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Bernie said...

Delighted to find myself in your blogosphere, Steve.

For those who do have the opportunity to explore the hoseball in greater depth, might I suggest they visit ?

Apparently, I just might.

Steve Sherlock said...

Bernie, thanks for stopping by. Your world is definitely welcome, there is all too little fun normally around us. We need and appreciate your attention to fun!

junkyard sports sounds like something to check out. I will do so.