Thursday, December 07, 2006

Core77 - Design blog

A fellow Hitchhiker pointed this site out to me via an article he found titled "Those Who Can Teach". The article was a good read. The site offered a blog. I followed the link and arrived here.

There are Contributors in three categories: Cloggers, Moderators, and Authors. The listing is impressive.

Their postings are equally impressive and varied, just what you would expect from a design site.

77 Gifts for Under $77

Spain yields new kid's phone
Unfortunately, although technically approved, some consumer associations are calling the device an "irresponsibility at educative and sanitary levels."

Here, here!

We all scream

I have not been on the design trail for sometime and this site makes me want to go do more exploring within. Oh, yea, and sometime after I have had enough, I'll go look for more.

Come along. Put this site into your RSS Reader of choice!

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