Thursday, October 19, 2006

Red Inked

Continuing along the trail of blogs I found when looking for poetry before going to the Dodge Poetry Festival, we have Red Inked, a group blog. As they say on their Manifesto page:

Words matter to us. We love them, we work with them every day, and we get paid to analyze and create them. They're our livelihood and our passion. While our intent is to focus on the web, our red ink covers all the many layers of content that come from words. The web, yes — but also conversations, books, magazines, film, and more. Red Inked is a critique and a celebration. And its a community. We want your input and your feedback — your words.

Not just any words, your words! Read the full Manifesto here.

Did you know October 21st is Sweetest Day?

October 21st is Sweetest Day, and I am outraged by the entire idea. I found out about this disgraceful attempt at a holiday while searching for a gift basket online. Most of the sites I visited had Sweetest Day listed right in there with Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's Day. Really! What a completely redundant holiday! It should be ashamed of itself, the way it blatantly plagiarizes Valentine's Day with the candy and cards to loved ones and copying the legend of St. Nicholas with a kindly man giving something to cheer the hearts of the dispossessed.

Read the full posting here.

Do you know when to say "frak"?

I once knew this guy who was getting his PhD by studying the intertextuality of film. He was a really interesting person with whom to watch movies, as he could spot allusions, references, stolen lines, and plot swipes as fast as I could plug my mouth with pieces of popcorn. Ultimately, he was a really annoying person with whom to watch movies, not only because there never seemed to be any point to the endless loops of verbal and visual sampling going on in every scene ever filmed, but it was also just plain disgusting that this guy was on his way to having a Doctorate in Excessive Movie-Watching. Talk about your easy As.

I was reminded of this guy last week when watching the second episode of the new season of Veronica Mars - and Veronica said, at one point, “Frak!”

If any of these words appeal to you, you would do well to add this site to your RSS Reader of choice. Oh and drop them a word or two. They could use the positive feedback. Words are great for that!
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Steve Sherlock said...

If someone from Red Inked finds this posting, I did try to comment on your blog and got these error each time: "Error: This file cannot be used on its own."

CoComment captured what I did but Wordpress rejected it.

Austen said...

Steve, I'll be the first to admit that I have no idea why you got the error message (darn technical mumbo jumbo), but it looks like you did eventually get through! Thanks so much for this post. We do appreciate the feedback! Also, thanks for all the Dodge-related links on your blog. Lots of good reading and plenty of feeds to add to my Bloglines account!