Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Joel Dias-Porter's Weblog

Continuing along the poetry trail, I found Joel Dias-Porter's Weblog writing about his time at the Dodge Poetry Festival. He says on his blog header:

From the verses of Shakespeare to the violence of Football, a soft hand on the nape of my neck to the rim's hard rattle after a dunk, the mute of Miles to the rhymes of Rakim, the simplicity of Hershey's chocolate to the complexity of garlic pepper seasoned, cedar-planked salmon drizzled with lemon-dill butter, my thoughts scatter like grains of black sand on a wind-blown beach.

He goes on to say about his visit to the Border's Book tent:

I got there around 9:30 am on Friday and went straight to the Border's tent. I was browsing the books and came across Ross Gay's "Against Which". I had never me the brother, never heard him read and had only read one or two of his pieces before. I gave his book my personal litmus test, which is to read the first and last poems in the book. The first poem was so good I decided to buy the book right away, $120 later i wobbled out of the tent looking for something to eat.

Read the full posting on Dodge 2006. He includes a couple of group poems composed while there and waiting in the food line for example.

Joel did a series of pieces responding to Wallace Stevens' works, in particular, this one in response to "The Man with the Blue Guitar"


The blues guitar and I are one.
My gutbucket blues guitar

Fills the juke-joint with dancing women
in thrall with the moon. The yellow men

Of the women are now blue, and coming
For my head that lies alone at night.

I pick a soul-churning dilemna.
How do I start to finish? And how,

As I conjure the colors, do I deal
With that which momentarily declares

Itself to be I and yet must be,
Might be, may be something more.


Read his full posting to get all of this poem.

Add Joel to your RSS Reader of choice and cruise along with his joyful word ride.


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