Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Maggie's Farm Revisited

This poetry trail has been interesting, finding new blogs and poets writing, don't know how I had not found this trail previously. Today we stop at Maggie's Farm Revisited.
Maggie writes:
I was going to strip the paper off the ceilings and walls.
Repair the plaster cracks. Replace any rotted wood
around the windows. Prime and sand and wash
the walls. Then paint them a lovely eggplant or some
such variation on a purple theme. Then I was going
to accessorize with reds, golds, and sage green.

I could start it now but I have no enthusiasm for it.

I just sit here, sipping my cold coffee and not believing
this has happened to me.
Read the full post here.
She drove to the Dodge Poetry Festival and wrote:
Billy Collins alone was worth the price of admission,
the hotel cost for 4 nights, the cost of all the food I ate
and wine I drank. All the tanks of gas I burned and the tornado
I barely missed(had to get off the road and didn't
make it to Jersey until Friday morning).

More about it later. So much I want to write.
So much I don't want to forget.
Read her brief posting here.
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