Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hauled up notebooks - Jennifer Diskin

Continuing the trail amongst blogs on poetry that were found (and continue to pop up) with my Technorati search for Dodge Poetry, we find Jennifer Diskin writing at Hauled Up Notebooks.
Jennifer says about herself:
Lover of breath, the heartbeat, first spring days, all the usual clichés about poets fit me pretty damn well....

Jennifer writes:

I might adopt the title of this as a personal adage. I bought a pair of pointed heels at a vintage store today. They are black alligator and are not me. I am more than contemplating the tattoo. I believe I am going to chop my hair very short. These could all be reactions to John and I pretty much being finished.

Read the full posting on "Are Pointed Heels A Cure for Sorrow?"

She writes:
I had the song Fast Car by Tracy Chapman on my mind today. That song talks about getting out of a difficult situation. "I thought I belonged...." I listen to traveling stories. A few friends went to P-town for the Norman Mailer conference.
I spoke to a good friend in California who doesn't think twice about traveling. He tells me if I don't go soon I probably never will. I'm almost 35 and I haven't really seen the world at all.
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I am going to send her a virtual hug!
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