Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Clearing Space - Karen Wallace

Karen writes in her about page:

The Clearing Space, launched in 2003, has grown out of my passion to help women find out how wonderful it can be when they have a career that they absolutely love; how empowering it is to redesign their professional and personal lives to fit like a glove; and how creating space in their lives is like a welcome mat for new and exciting possibilities.

She writes about her passion for books:

Well, my body parts may no longer be perky or nearly as firm as they were 20 years ago, but I have a heck of a library! I spend my 'spare' cash on books. (Though, with the discovery of Slim Ink about 12 months ago, I have managed to save a heap of cash by borrowing/trying before I buy instead!) And so, when Chris wrote about A Bookshop Experience, it had me going 'uh-huh, uh-huh'.

She writes about three inspirations:
One of the inspirations I got from it was that there are some terrific writers, who also happen to be business people, out there - who are eager to share their knowledge with us all, and who really have something to say.

The second is that the type of information these people impart to us through their writing is so genuine, so very authentic - that even if their message is not relevant to us personally right now - the passion and belief and generosity they demonstrate is always relevant.

The third lesson is that everyone needs to hear something different, and that what one person finds irrelevant can be totally life-changing for another.

If what you read you find relevant, then you should add Karen's site to your RSS Reader of choice.

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