Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Letting me be ... random wondering and philosophy

ME Strauss writes at Letting me be ... random wondering and philosophy.  Today she writes:
When I was a child, even today, I could wish for a castle door. Open it and on the other side would be a whole new life. Castle doors paved the way to places where everything changed. I could make the world rearrange easily walking through such a door. The problem was that always the person who walked through was always me.

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In her about page she says:

I walk. I talk. I trip every now and then. Occasionally I fall down. I dance in elevators when no one is looking, but I will not run for a bus.

I can relate to that. As a commuter, I don't like to run through the train station to catch the train. Folks that do just look so odd.
She writes:
When a powerful, wonderful, engaging idea grabs a hold of my mind, my thinking alters. I start seeing colors and possibilities that are "this close" tangible. The conceptual chemistry is magical. Cell upon cell ignites, passing charges across my synapses. I don't see myself. I don't feel time passing. I am inside the idea. I am train of thought speeding to a destination.

Energy dispels any self-consciousness, as my eyes turn inward to visuals of what the idea is, how it works, watching it tick and move. It's not that different from a mother imagining a baby a few weeks into pregnancy. Yet it's different completely because my imagining becomes true.
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Since you have read this far, ME Strauss must be appealing to you. Go ahead and add this site to your RSS Reader of choice. You'll be glad you did.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,
Thank you.
I'm really honored that you noticed and also find your timing so bloggingly synchronistic. I just discrovered The Hitchhiker's Guide about 10 days ago. I had bookmarked the site to use it in my column for the D-Z list next week. :)

Isn't that just how blogging timing works?

Thank you again for noticing me.