Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Study in Sherlock - Douglas Johnston

Hey, finding a blog set up to delve into one with whom I can't get away from an association with, is a sure thing to announce to the world that the Hitchhiker Team has found it.
Yes, there is A Study in Sherlock, as in Sherlock Holmes. Elementary, my dear!
So if you ever had an inkling to know more about the great detective, this is one place to put on your listing. Well done, Watson!
My other sites, a million monkeys typing and (home to my free printable kit, the D*I*Y Planner), are more concerned with technological, productivity and creativity issues, but A Study in Sherlock is the home of my passion. Whether you’re a teenage newcomer or an elderly scholar (or a teenage scholar or an elderly newcomer), I hope you’ll find something to enjoy in these pages.

The game is afoot. Do not delay! Go to A Study in Sherlock!


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