Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Living the Luxe Life - Stacy

Stacy is a voluptuary and writes at Living the Luxe Life.

What is a voluptuary?
The dictionary tells us that it’s a person given to the pursuit of luxury, and pleasures of the senses. For me, it goes beyond that, to embracing everything that's good in the world and that allows me to live a wonderful life.

For many people, that level of enjoyment seems best left to the wealthy, or reserved for special occasions. But what I know for certain is that that’s just not true. Luxury is all around us, all the time. And it’s not expensive (necessarily!) to bring luxury into our lives. Luxury, to me, is simplicity, perfectly executed. To me, it’s an everyday thing, and in part, a mindset.

I enjoy the small and large, the free, the inexpensive and the obscenely expensive yummies our world offers us all. If it's comforting or comfortable, I want to know about, and preferably experience it. I look for it all the time, surround myself with what I love, and most importantly, am grateful for every bit of it, always.
She writes on Discomfort, Lavender Vanilla Snow,
and Technology: It's great when it works! amongst her more recent posts.

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