Monday, March 13, 2006

/Message - Stowe Boyd

Stowe Boyd has a new blog and new endeavor. He is writing now at /Message and his goal is to get into the Technorati 100 in 90 days.

Now, I hesitated to do this posting. The Hitchhiker goal is to focus on the long tail. Stowe is not long tail. Sure, his new blog started out on the bottom... but he is not the average Joe just starting out a blog. When writing at Get Real for Corante, he was 1448.

What won me over is that if there is a game to play to get into the Top 1000, I'd like to know what it is. I may still not play but at least that is my choice. And you may be interested!

Besides Stowe does post on a variety of interesting stuff.

Starting from zero; Day 60

eTech Wrap up, the 3 Threes

Doc Searls on the Intention Economy

Read Stowe!

Updated 3/14/06 - changed 100 to 1000 as the target based upon a correction from Stowe. I had dropped the zero accidently.

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1 comment:

Stowe said...

Actually, my goal is to get back (or close) to the top 1000 on Technorati in 90 days. Last November, Get Real was around 1200, just before I took a 9 day vacation and rethought my life.