Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dealing with Darwin - Geoff Moore

From Geoff Moore writing at his blog, Dealing with Darwin, comes this gem:

Equity is not actually currency, it is ownership rights, and although markets are willing to trade one for the other, they should not confuse the two.  eBay gave up around 4% of its ownership rights to gain Skype.  That is a good deal if Skype can change eBay’s future earnings potential by more than 4%, a bad deal if it cannot  The cash value of the transaction is a distraction in this calculation.

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Geoff writes in his one line Bio:

I am an author, consultant, and venture capital partner, with a background in English literature and a wonderful family life.

In Value-based Performance and Performance-based values

Values-based performance characterizes collaboration cultures who commit to altruistic ideals, live these values in their work, and earn thereby the trust of customers and partners .  Performance-based values characterize competition cultures who continually hold themselves accountable to objective metrics of success, regardless of who gets uncomfortable.  The two cultures tend to repel each other, creating nice guys who finish last and jerks who drive Porsches.  But sustainable, good-to-great companies have to combine both.

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