Friday, March 03, 2006

The blogosphere trail is open

Troy posted:

The blogosphere is a giant time capsule that offers a panoramic view of our world. It is a collection of personal expressions that represent virtually every human perspective of our times. It is filled with millions of personal accounts, diaries, essays, stories and photos. It is filled with art. It is filled with emotion. It is filled with thought. It is our collective conscience. Better than any collection of books or articles, the blogosphere will capture the story of our existence.

I posted:

We still have lots of snow on the ground here in New England
but I look forward to getting to a trail and hike in the spring.

You get a water bottle, a snack, your good comfy boots,
your camera, etc. together in our day pack
and arrive at the trail head.

You sign in on the trail log.
Check the sign out comments, usually some good info there.
Almost a real time update that the guide book can not provide.

And start walking.

Similar to what Troy and I are starting here.
You can consider this a trail head.

We are both hiking in the blogosphere.

We have our individual likes and dislikes, our passions
and a common desire to share the experience with fellow hikers.

As we find a blogger voice that sounds like something you might be interested in we'll post it here.

We are dependent upon your feedback to let us know how we are doing.
So come back often. We hope you'll find some good things here.

Originally posted 3/3/2005

Yes, the hiking has been underway for one full year!

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Troy Worman said...

How cool is this?