Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Virtualosophy - Stacy Brice

Stacy Brice writes at Virtualosophy:
Being a visionary, I personally love ideas. For me, it’s the idea that gets me involved and passionate. It’s “birthing” the thing that’s the thrill. After the birth, I tend to get bored, very quickly; I’ve learned over time that the “running” of things is best left to others. For me, the creation tends to be focused and magical.

In her "About me" section she writes:

My point is that with few exceptions, what you can do face-to-face, you can do virtually. Friendships, romance, work, play, feel things deeply… it’s all done here, and it’s every bit as real and valid as what’s happening between you and the folks you live, work, and play in-person with.

People matter. Distance doesn’t.

If you agree with this, then you want to read more of Stacy here.

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