Monday, August 01, 2005

Ed Batista

Ed Batista's subtext line reads "thoughts on design, technology, advocacy and marketing".

It caught my attention long enough to find interests that we share.

He writes on the Attention Trust
As noted in my last few posts, Seth Goldstein, Steve Gillmor and a number of other folks have launched AttentionTrust, a tremendously important work-in-progress whose goal is to "promote the basic rights of attention owners," i.e. all of us.
He writes on Outfoxed
Applications like Outfoxed that run on social metadata, i.e. information about our preferences and habits that we share with others--Audioscrobbler is another example I wrote about recently--are going to have an enormous effect on the way not only on how we use the web, but also on how we connect with other people and how we make ourselves known to them.
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