Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Rake Blogs

The Rake magazine is worth discovering.

The Rake is a monthly magazine, launched in March 2002 by people old enough to know better.

The Rake – like all rakes - has a reputation. It has personality. The Rake is full of good reading, good writing and strong visuals. What sets it apart is its focus on storytelling, its literary essays and commentary, its humor, style, and personality. Rake readers don’t use the magazine, they experience it.

The Rake is free. Its controlled, audited circulation of 60,000 is distributed throughout the Twin Cities metro area (Minneapolis and St. Paul), in cities and suburbs, in restaurants and libraries, in coffee shops and public buildings, for example.

The Rake magazine has several blogs:

The Rake's Progress

Yo, Ivanhoe

The Read Menace

Warning Track Power

Check them out!

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