Tuesday, August 02, 2005

True Ancestor - David Gottlieb

David's byline reads "Jewish-born, Zen-inspired. Syncretistic, synergistic ... and a little cranky."

Syncretistic? Fortunately, wikipedia comes to the rescue: syncretistic. That is my new word for today.

David writes in Rove, Palmerio, Jackson and the Blame Game

I am irked by about 90 per cent of what I'm reading and seeing in the media -- and on blogs -- because so much of it is missing the point.

Why are we so preoccupied with the pursuit of moral misfits? I consider most such witch-hunts to be entirely consistent with the Way of the Whiner: angry, impotent exercises in shrill moral outrage. They detract from larger issues -- indeed, are often designed for just such a purpose -- and do little more than sell ad space.

Let's start with Michael Jackson: bad boy. Bad, bad, boy. Down, Michael.

And let's leave it at that!

Yes, let's.

But you really should read more of David here!

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