Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Third Mom - Margie

"Let me tell you about all of my mommies!" said my five-year-old son one day as we sat in our kitchen. He began counting: "There's my first mother in Korea, then Mrs. Cho (his foster mother), and then you - you're my third mom!"
So begins the tales you can find at Third Mom where Margie writes:
I'm Margie, mom of two amazing Korean teens, wife of 30+ years. Third Mom is where I think out loud about Korean adoption, which has profoundly changed the lives of my children, their families, and my life, too. All points of view are welcome.
And where she realizes:
I've been getting a lot of questions recently like these: "So how does it feel to have P away at college?" "What's the biggest difference you notice now that he's away?" "Have your family's dynamics changed?"

There are so many levels I can answer these on - the personal, the emotional, the mundane, for a start. And yes, adoption.

The personal - I just plain miss him. It's hard, REALLY hard, to accept that his wings are unfurled, and once in flight, he may end up far away from us. It's life, it's a good thing, it's the way it should be - but it's really hard for me to accept.
Read the remainder of Margie's post here.

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Third Mom said...

A very belated thank you for the shoutout!!

Steve Sherlock said...

Belated or not, you are most welcome!