Tuesday, September 18, 2007


On the Billy Collins trail, we stop at the RAPSU blog:
A membership organization for anyone 50 and older, presenting programs of intellectual stimulation and fellowship.
A variety of postings like Sticks and Stones:
A fresh alphabet spells success

Jera and Brad Deal turned an inventive letter-hunting game with their daughter into a multimillion-dollar business. Sean Cole paid them a visit and did some alphabet searching.

Doug Krizner: The TV show Sesame Street's known for creative ways of introducing the alphabet to kids. One of my favorites was the Beetles singing, "Letter B." Then there was the muppet in the back alley with letters in his coat jacket: "Psst, wanna buy an O?"

Marketplace's Sean Cole actually stumbled onto a business that's kinda doing the same thing.

Read the remainder of the post here.

Or this one quoting Ben Franklin:
Benjamin Franklin once said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." What would this founding father think about our nation's current health care system, where the focus is on disease care rather than health, on paying bills and shifting costs rather than on preventing disease and dealing with the chronic conditions that are affecting more and more of our nation's population? Where insurance will pay for quadruple bypass heart surgery but not to encourage healthy behaviors that could prevent heart disease?
Read the full insightful post from the AARP on health care here.

For the 50-something crowd, this is a place to add to the RSS Reader of choice!

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