Monday, September 10, 2007

Summer Pierre

On Saturday, I listened to this AMAZING interview with Stuart Brown, founder and head of the National Institute for Play, on the importance of play in the development of humans and in daily life. I found it moving and inspiring. Dr. Brown said that if he doesn't get at least 3 hours of play--that is something that he enjoys and loses time in--by dinnertime he is not doing so well. I thought, what a GREAT philosophy--and it's something that I have already been researching in my ideas about creativity and the workplace. In any case, I've been feeling A LOT of pressure lately on various projects and Dr. Brown's interview reminded me that I need to play. So, for no reason, other than fun I dressed up like Frida Kahlo and used photo booth. It was literally just what the doctor ordered.
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Now that I've updated you on the gory details of wedding excitement and honeymoon relaxation, I can now get on to MORE PRESSING matters. Like the fact that a certain squirrel moved into our tree a week before we left and proceeded to fixate on our window and fire escape, tormenting the cats, peeing into the window, and trying to build a nest under the towel we left out to dry. I call him Jojo.
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