Friday, September 07, 2007

5 for Friday - PodCamp Boston 2 Participants

As we approach PodCamp Boston 2, our 5 for Friday will pick out a few of the folks who have registered.

Visit their site.
See what and how they do what they do.
Prepare to meet them somewhere at PodCamp Boston,

Adam Farrah a business and technical writer

Adam Quirk, Producer of Wreck & Salvage

Alyssa Boehm, Producer of The Big Red Podcast

Amy Carpenter, "super fine artist", Welcome to Amyville

Andrea Lovett, storyteller


PS - if you are impatient, you can head to the listing of registrants and cruise the listing ahead of my 5 for Friday spotlights. With over 700 already registered, I won't be able to cover them all anyway!

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