Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My English Agenda

Ms Kusinitz writes:
  1. I love reading and writing
  2. Accepting and getting to know people from different cultures and with different beliefs is very important to me
  3. I love my job more than chocolate (which is a lot), I want to be here, and I have high personal expectations
  4. I truly care about my students
  5. I like to challenge people to think outside the box and to be more creative
  6. I get frustrated and grumpy when people call themselves “stupid” or “dumb” and assume they cannot do something without trying
  7. I am usually (see #8 below) reasonable and fair
  8. My brain does not work correctly before I eat something in the morning and drink at least one cup of coffee or tea
  9. I truly believe in and practice the following mottos: “honesty is the best policy,” “quality over quantity,” and “look before you leap”
  10. I love playing games and keeping myself and those around me active
Want to retake high school English? Join Ms. Kusinitz and her classes at Cumberland (RI) High School.

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