Monday, September 11, 2006

Hitchhikr - The Conference Guide

The trail takes one of its internet turns today. I set up a Technorati search for PodCamp Boston and loaded it to my Bloglines account to keep track of what was being said before the conference, during and it is quite active now post-conference.

One of the more interesting links today that came through was this one that took me to Yes, they drop the "e" deliberately. They have quite a set up. Through the marvels of the internet tools available, someone can set up a conference and come back to this one place to find all that is written about it.

No, I have not found an RSS for this site. It seems to me, that if there was one, we would start a continuous loop. Someone posts on their blog, the feed gets picked up and posted here, which then creates a feed to post elsewhere? See what I mean, where would it end?

Anyway, one cool site. If you are going to a conference, see if it is listed here. If it is not, get your email cranking to let the organizers know about it.

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