Friday, September 22, 2006

2 Cents Worth - David Warlick

David Warlick writing at 2 Cents Worth says in his about page:

I am not a techie. I know some techies, and I am not one of them. Techies have created wonderful machines that are offering us possibilities that could not have been imagined only a few years ago. They are highly creative and knowledgeable people who live the technology.

They are excited by the “light”.
I, on the other hand, am excited by what we can shine that “light” on…

I like the quote! I like his 2 Cents theme, sounds familar doesn't it?

His post today Reannounces the New Century School House.
I’ve decided to resurrect an old online project that I’ve been running for the past eight years. It’s called The New Century School House.The web site represents an old 1950s style school building that has been totally gutted of all relics of industrial age education. It is an empty shell. I want to invite you to come to the building and to adopt a room — repurposing that classroom (or library) for new century teaching and learning.

I wish he had a room for tertiary education, I would jump in with two feet. I'll suggest it and let you know what happens.

He talks about his son at college, about the movie Accepted and then postulates:
Imagine a conference, where the program began as an empty wiki, and attendees came in and wrote the program by describing what they wanted to learn.
This happened at PodCamp Boston which occured earlier this month and has already spawned more PodCamps that are in the planning stages around the country.

So check out David, add his site to your RSS Reader of choice, and keep on learning!

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