Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hackosphere - Ramani

The trail takes a turn into the Blogger world where Ramani is generating some new and good traffic as he is working with the Blogger Beta and filling in some gaps with some custom code which he posts at Hackosphere.

Ramani writes in his profile:
I am a System software engineer by profession and blog hacking is my hobby. Attracted by the hackability of Blogger templates, I developed some hacks for archives, related posts etc. Now, with the introduction of Blogger Beta, I am coming up with hacks for the new template language. Please subscribe to my feed and I will feed you with nice hacks :)

I found his site the other day looking for an update on whether the new beta would support 3-column templates. I love the 3-column templates I have from Thur but would consider moving if and when the time is right. Of course, Blogger is still beta so I won't be moving just yet. Too much is happening this September.

I will be keeping an eye on what Ramani is doing. It looks very good.

You might want to add his site to your RSS Reader of choice.

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