Thursday, April 27, 2006

/personal - Niko Nyman

In the About Me section of /personal, Niko writes:

Just like a blog should be, this blog is about my personal opinions on my personal interests. And right now I’m interested in the following topics:

  • Corporate blogging. How businesses can use blogging to their advantage and what does blogging require from the companies.
  • Future of music business. How the music industry is coping with the changes brought on by internet.
  • User interfaces for regular people, which I hope to be the future of user interfaces. I also like to call this the human rights battle against software. My new mobile phone, Nokia N90, has the questionable honor of being an example for my writing about UI problems on a larger scale.
  • User experience as a business advantage. How to sell the idea of user experience? How to prove the business value of focusing on user experience?

Niko has an interesting layout for his blog using WordPress. Read Niko.


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Personal Fitness Blog - Tim

From the About Me page at the Personal Fitness Blog, Tim writes:

My name is Tim, I’m a 25-year old college student majoring in Political Science with a minor is Psychology. I drive a 2001 Ford ZX2 (paid off), have a wonderful girlfriend, and live in Vancouver, Washington.

My Stats:

  • 6'4?
  • 250 lbs.
  • 1-Mile Run: ~8:00
  • 2-Mile Run: ~16:45
  • Max Bench Press: 215 lbs.
  • Max Leg Press: 450 lbs.

The Goals:

    • Max the APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test)
    • Lose 50 lbs. by September 8th, 2006
    • Run 1-Mile in 6:30
Follow Tim on the effort to reach his goals.
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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Growing Pains

"A place to discuss the meeting of theory and practice on evolving virtual communities," Growing Pains is written by Aldo de Moor.

His most recent post is It Takes at Least Two Tools to Tango.

"Quite a while ago, I mentioned that communities need less tools, more process. Community interaction processes tend to be very complex, leading to context-specific requirements which often cannot be met completely by any particular tool. Vice versa, many tools are often used for a very different purpose than what they were originally designed for."

Read the entire post here.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Alan Watts Podcasts

I heard only one of these so far and I am hooked. I want to hear it again and take notes.

Good stuff from Alan Watts.

Great food for thought!

Give a listen.

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Monday, April 24, 2006

a penny for - Todd Sattersten

You my have read something by Todd if you visited 800-CEO-READ blog. He writes at "a penny for" as his personal blog.
He writes:
My reviews will contain books from time to time. I will provide link to Amazon to make it easy to purchase the item if you are interested. The referral fees collected will be donated to The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, in honor of my mom - a breast cancer survivor.
A thoughtful disclosure.
Read more of Todd here.
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Gregg Eldred

He tells jokes. He shares email. He writes book reviews. He is Gregg Eldred and he blogs from Cleveland, Ohio.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Jo Simon

When does tolerance reach a point of diminishing returns? Check out this interesting post by Jo Simon at 100 Bloggers in which Jo raises some interesting questions about immigration and integration in Germany.

We struggle with this question in the U.S., as well.

Jo writes that we must have courage. I agree. We must have the courage to face the truth. That said, courage can be very difficult difficult when facing the possibility of being labelled a racist.

But ultimately, I believe, we must do all that we can to understand and accept cultural differences on this shrinking planet, BUT not at the expense of an individual's civil rights.

Jo Simon writes at the Jo-Zone and 100 Bloggers among other places.

Friday, April 21, 2006

MBA on the Run

What is the value of an MBA? What if you could get the experience in a non-traditional way?

Try books on tape, walking amongst commerce, with periodic essays and collaboration amongst others doing the same thing.

An interesting project!

Check it out here.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Good News Network

Hey, it's about time we got some good news. The Hitchhikers have found the Good News Network for you.

Check this out:

The Dalai Lama and Muslim Leaders hold a historic peace gathering

and this:
The fourth annual Volvo for Life awards were announced and the 2006 grand prize winner is Dr. Ingida Asfaw of Pontiac, Michigan. Asfaw is a medical doctor who has galvanized over 550 medical and non-health professionals in the US and Canada to give their time and talents to address the profound healthcare crises in Ethiopia.
read the full post here.

If this is the kind of new you prefer, then add this to your reader!

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Monday, April 17, 2006

UX Magazine

UX Magazine?
UX Magazine sets out to explore, promote & discuss the multiple facets of user experience one article at a time. It is built upon the foundations of ProjectNeo, a global interactive design community.
UX Magazine is a collaborative publication by writers, technologists, designers, marketeers & business gurus from around the world. This project was created & developed by C. Demetriadis, H. Mann & A. Schleifer.
Interested in the user experience? Then UX Magazine is one place to stop by on a regular basis.

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365 First Time Parenting Tips

Yes, you read that correctly.
A full year's worth of daily parenting tips for mothers and fathers just starting out. Written by a first time parent, for first time parents
Not a bad idea. A modern day source for Dr. Spock like info. No, the writer is not a doctor but he calls it like he sees it.

Try reading:

The First Night Out
Slung aound your shoulder
Under the Sun

and if these posts work for you, then put this site in your reader to keep on reading!

If you know someone about to be a parent, let them know.

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Friday, April 14, 2006

Limerick Savant

I believe it is good day when you have a good laugh.
If you have not already found Limerick Savant on your trails through this wonderful blogosphere, I suggest that you trek on over, enjoy the limericks and have a good laugh or two.
In his own limerick he writes about his intentions:
My aim is to needle and pester
'Til puns I inflict start to fester.
And now it appears
I have four more years,
Self-elected, to serve as court jester.
Read Limerick Savant daily. It is good for your health!
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Via Crucis 2006

For many Christians, this week leading up to Easter is an important one. Via Crucis 2006 is a grid blog with many contributors writing about the stations of the cross.

Both Mary and Veronica do seem to imbue a loving presence to Jesus beyond words.  Consolation -  to be with the lonely one. The simple act of wiping someone's face when facing sickness, suffering or death. Again, as Nouwen would point out - not cure, but care.

Read the full posting here.

Mark at Cowpi Journal remixed the Via Crucis Grid Blog image.  I love the contrast.

It reminded me of a line from the the book The Outsiders, which was written in the 1960s by S.E. Hinton, a then 15 year old girl.  The book was adapted into a movie in the '80s. In the scene, Johnny (played by Ralph Macchio) tells Ponyboy (played C. Thomas Howell)

Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold.

Stevie Wonder took this line and did a a wonderful song based on it.

Read the full posting here.

I was in Jerusalem on September 28, 2000 when Ariel Sharon went into to the al-Aqsa Mosque, provoking what came to be known as the second intifada. There was a riot and the army occupied the area around the mosque and the Western Wall. Seven Palestinians were killed by the IDF. The next day the city was tense and quiet. Soldiers were everywhere, and everyone's nerves were shot. There was no noise except for the call to prayer broadcast from loudspeakers on the minarets that looked over the city.

Read the full posting here.

For the remainder of the week, check out Via Crucis 2006


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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Blogidarity kicks off this week.
Blogidarity is not just any old blog.
This blog is the result of a brain storm by Felix Gerena with the assistance of Team Synergy

Blogidarity will enable you to do more than post a comment.
It will enable you to take some action.
You can contribute to the cause.

Not just any cause.
The cause this month is Clear Path International.
Read the story of Ha and her success after multiple surgeries to regain the use of her legs.

With the assistance of PayPal, Blogidarity is set up to accept your contribution.

Subscribe to Blogidarity via RSS
Subscribe to Blogidarity with your wallet.

Cause 1 $ can save a life.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Just visiting... no, more than that -- Erik Hansen

Erik writes in his one line bio
Might be in the middle of a mid-life crisis and just don't know it yet
You might recognize him from the Tom Peters Blog. He wrote Who Does Own Your Brand? recently.

On his own blog he wrote about his participation in the Critical Mass
I did join the Critical Mass monthly bike ride last Friday in Boston. Got myself to Copley Square by 5:30, on the way noticing a number of 20-something bicyclists headed in the same direction. Wearing street clothes. I didn't know what to expect. This was my first demonstration, though I'm not quite sure how to classify these monthly bike rides.
He posted a video of Jory desJardins at SXSW doing her part in What's the Secret?

Read more of Erik here.

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Johnnie Moore's Weblog

Hiking along the trail, you may have been confused when reading something about Johnnie Moore who is not the John Moore (PDF) who writes at Brand Autopsy.

Johnnie writes at Johnnie Moore's Weblog

Both write about marketing.

Johnnie writes:
I work as a facilitator and consultant. I've a strong background in marketing and am interested in the human aspects of organisation. Some call what I do the "soft" skills... or the "touchy feely" stuff. I prefer to think I can combine a certain amount of business logic with an appreciation of the ability of humans to surprise and amaze us. I sum up the way I work as Authentic Facilitation - click the link for more about that.
Johnnie contributed a chapter to More Space.
Way too many organisational guides trade in complicated rules for dealing with uncertainty. None of them capture the real mystery of what it is to grow something new. It’s a bit like putting up an elaborate rococo trellis and not noticing that instead of a Russian vine, someone’s planted potatos.

In “Simple Ideas, Lightly Held” I suggest some simple practices that allow groups of people to make the most of a complex world, instead of making life, and organisations, complicated and rigid.

Read more of Johnnie Moore here.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bailey WorkPlay

Because all work and no play really does make you dull (not to mention create a rather uninspired workplace)

What does play have to do with success in your career? What does it have to do with productivity in your organization? More than you might expect.

Bailey WorkPlay believes that great work and exciting workplaces are defined by their ability to actively incorporate elements of workplay on an everyday basis. It’s workplay that drives us toward greater meaning in our work and actions.

So, regardless of whether you’re an individual looking to discover (or rediscover) meaning in your work or a manager looking for ways to energize your staff, Bailey Workplay can help.

Marketing Momentum - Mary Ann Davis

A marketing professional interested in learning the latest on marketing trends and the fine science of reaching targeted audiences as we move towards a more customized media society.

She writes on Corporate Branding in Sports Going Too Far:

Personally, I think commercialism has gone too far when stadiums, and most certainly teams, are being named after companies. Going from a mentality of dedicating a stadium to those who lost their lives in World Wars I & II to intentionally seeking to name a stadium after a company that's willing to pay the most, is just sad.

Professionally, as a marketer, renaming a team is like renaming a brand. It's extreamly challenging because of issues like consumer loyalty and perception. I would imagine it would be even more difficult as team fans express such loyalty that it becomes a cultural way of life.

It looks like that she will expand her writing into another blog as she begins teaching a class on blogging in the fall at Hagerstown Community College.

You get two blogs for the hitchhiker effort today.

1) established -> Marketing Momentum

2) just starting -> Teaching to Blog

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The Moleskin - Kelsey Ruger

Think. Try. Teach

The Moleskin is my tiny corner of the web. It is a collection of creative work, thoughts and lessons that represent my thinking on my various areas of interest.

In his About section, he writes:

So what kind of name is the Moleskin? If you’re thinking that is a randomly selected name – it’s not. There really is a story behind the name. For years now I have kept a small notebook for jotting down notes, thoughts and sketches that pop into my head from time to time. There was even a point where I wrote a few poems in my notebook. Recently, I wanted to switch to a small less cumbersome book. That’s when I ran across a small black book called the Moleskine (pronounced Moleskina)

The Moleskine is the legendary notebook used by European artists and writers during the 19th and 20th centuries – from Ernest Hemingway to Vincent Van Gogh. A simple black rectangle with squared or lined pages, end leaves held by an elastic band , an inside pocket for loose sheets the Moleskine is handy tool for keeping up with your thoughts.

The Moleskine is bound in Moleskin (Get it?) which gives it its name. This pocket-sized book contained notes, stories, thoughts and impressions before they turned into the pages of books that have been read the world over. While I am not promising that things I write about on The Moleskin will ever end up in a book - it is a collection of creative work, thoughts and lessons that represent my thinking on my various areas of interest.

I happened to be hiking by when he posted on CSS

Back in the day when you needed inspiration for your site there were places like Cool Home Pages and How Design where you could see what and how other designers were doing things. With web standards and CSS becoming more the norm for building your site a lot of CSS galleries have emerged over the last year. One of the great things about the web standards movement is that alot more people are willing to share the work that they have done with CSS and XHTML. So if you are a designer or developer looking for inspiration for your latest project here is my (somewhat) definitive list of CSS galleries. Most of these galleries have some type of RSS feed, so you can keep track of them with your favorite RSS reader.

The hitchhiker trail leads me into the CSS galleries but you can read more of Kelsey here.

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Monday, April 10, 2006

Musings of a Social Architect - Amy Jo Kim

Amy Jo Kim writes at Musings of a Social Architect

Part of her BIO reads as follows:

Amy Jo Kim is an internationally-known designer of social games and gaming environments for clients like Digital Chocolate,Electronic Arts, eBay, Limelife, and Yahoo!. Her expertise in community architecture and social systems design was showcased in her book, Community Building on the Web, a design handbook for networked communities. This "cult classic" is available in 7 languages, and has become required reading in game design studios and univerity classes worldwide.

She wrote about Digg

I'm doing some research on Digg for a client project, and during this process I've run across a number of good articles about the site. So I thought I'd share 'em. Good reading if you're interested in learning more about this fascinating and influential site.

Which has caught enough of my attention that I need to go explore Digg.

Catch you on the trail later!

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Blogging in Paris - Claude Covo-Farchi

She writes of Family Lore
Family lore says that Léa, my grandmother, when she turned sixty, sat down and said:
“Now I’m old and I am not going to work any longer”.
My brother, who was born in 1934, remembers how during the war, when the family had to cross the
demarcation line which separated the Occupied zone from the Free zone of France, our grandmother said that she was too old to go on, sat down on a tree trunk and said she wouldn’t go any further and that was that. To which my mother got furious and ordered her mother-in-law to get up and walk if she didn’t want to put the whole family in danger.
Went back to see Willy Ronis’s photo exhibition at Hôtel de Ville, as I didn’t have time to see all of it last time — I mentioned this exhibition at the bottom of this post. There was an interesting movie about Ronis, in which he talks about his life and his photographer’s career, and how he loved photographing people. At one point he quoted Trotsky who said that Old age is the most unexpected of all things that happen to a man.Ronis then went on to tell how at age 85 or so, his legs betrayed him and he couldn’t walk around Paris taking photos any longer as he had to use two walking sticks. It was a case of either walking, or taking photographs, as he needed both hands to lean on his sticks.
Read more of Claude at Blogging in Paris

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Dilbert Blog - Scott Adams

If you can't get enough of Dilbert in the daily comic from your local paper, you might want to load The Dilbert Blog in your RSS reader.
Scott Adams writes at length about some of the items that he normally covers in three panes.
For example, on Free Will

I don’t believe in free will. That’s partly because it’s indefinable in any sensible way, i.e. you have to assume that the rules of cause and effect are optional for your brain chemistry. Second, it doesn’t do a good job of predicting behavior. No one would choose to be a drug addict or a pedophile, just to pick two examples.

I prefer my own theory. I call it the Pleasure Unit Theory. It does a much better job describing behavior, and it goes like this.

Pleasure Unit Theory: People organize their lives to get their minimum required units of pleasure. While individuals vary in terms of how many units of pleasure they need, everyone is striving to reach their personal minimum.

And on Dancing:

For those of you who have never taken a dance class, it goes something like this. First, the instructor demonstrates some footwork a bit too fast for you to have any frickin’ idea what he did. Luckily he repeats the demonstration several times, each time differently as far as you can tell. And often you can’t see the demonstration at all because a big guy named Tim is standing in your way.

Armed with this lack of information, you take your partner and proceed to humiliate yourself by moving randomly and hoping that this flailing somehow turns into dancing over time.

and on creating words

According to the Internet, I have become a prolific coiner of phrases. You can do a Google search on any of these gems and get all kinds of hits.

The Dilbert Principle
Rat Dance

And more recently in this Blog, BOCTAOE and YSLE. If you haven’t been paying attention, those mean “But Of Course There Are Obvious Exceptions” and “You Stupid Lemon-Eater.”

Read more at The Dilbert Blog.

This is the number one business blog in the world. BOCTAOE!
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