Friday, May 25, 2007

Songs on the run, and more

Chris writes:
Greetings... or for those of you who don't speak formal English -- 'sup?! My name's Chris, I'm a New Englander by birthright but I grew up in north Jersey (graduated from Indian Hills High School in Oakland, Bergen County) and I wouldn't trade that for anything. Have since spent time in Salt Lake City and Missoula, Montana... now, if home is where the heart is then I'm homeless. I spend much of my time living in central Alaska and this is an amazing place if you love the outdoors, but my heart's back in Upstate New York. What's here for now is basically just a record of my running, hiking, and the music I listen to, movies I watch, plus a little of this & that, maybe a rant or twelve about how despicable selfish American society is and the need for more people to volunteer AND give away more of their money rather than wastefully spend it on pursuing nicer, shinier, newer material possessions. Anyway, also here will eventually be my Appalachian Trail journal as well as tales of my travels once I next head out on the road and/or out of the country. Au revoir.

This is for the runner, the music lover... Enjoy!

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Samatha Larson to Everest

Samantha Larson is the youngest person to have climbed Everest. She achieved this new height this week in a climbing party along with her father.

She is blogging about the experience here.

The Boston Globe article with some additional background can be found here.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Wishing a happy, healthy and enjoyable family day to all the Mothers in this wonderful world!

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bad Dad Radio

Sometimes in your cyber wanderings, you come across something that makes you stop and say “Wow!" It’s usually something that not everyone will be taken with; but for the right person at the right time, it’s significant. I had one of those moments when I first visited Bad Dad Radio.

Sometimes the thing you come across fits into the Highly Imaginative or Technologically Novel category, while at other times it fits in the Simple Yet Profound category. Browsing Roland’s site, I came across page entitled Anonymous Confession. This is what I read there:

Have you done something that makes you feel like a bad parent? Then use this
opportunity to confess anonymously.
Write, record or draw what you did and
what you wish to do about it to make things better. It might make you feel
better and relieve a bit of pressure.
It will be published [anonymously] in the podcast or
blog for others to hear, so we may all learn from the experience and provide
advice and support.
Suggestions:- Be brief.- Be honest.- Don’t be afraid to
be creative.
Rules:- Don’t lie.- Don’t provide your real name/contact info.-
Web sites will not be published.- Vulgarity will not be published.

The reason this impressed me so much is because I know that every parent (who loves their kids) regrets something that they’ve done – and the weight of carrying this regret can make life incredibly unpleasant and undermine their relationships in the Now. It’s not that “Bad Dad” (as he labels himself) is fishing for sinister stories of abuse or of satanic rituals held in someone’s basement; but most Dads have had one of those moments where they fed the kids too many cocoa puffs for Breakfast, then hours later found themselves smacking the kid for their ADD-like behavior and suddenly realized “ Oh, no, I caused this in the first place”; or had an inappropriate relationship outside the home; or wounded their child with critical words – and wish they could rewind and do it differently.

How liberating to have someone to get this off their chests with. And how cool to have someone willing to listen with no strings attached.

But this is not the only string in Bad Dad’s bow. There are a number of laid back, thought-provoking, humorous and informative podcasts posted on the site, where you can hear the man himself. My personal favorite was his podcast about the Church’s negative [and somewhat historically outdated] opinion on heavy metal music. (Complete with a nicely put-together heavy metal soundtrack).

The subject matter for a slightly older cast reads as follows:
In this podcast episode:
- How to check for sex offenders in your neighborhood.
- 29 year old sex offender posed as a 12 year old.
- Consumer Reports retracts infant car seat danger claims.
- Graco Contempo Highchair safety recall.
- Making sense of MPAA movie rating definitions.
- How to buy a notebook computer.
- Fuzzy Wuzzy family reward system.
- My kids are currently obsessed with Disney’s High School Musical.
- How to combat toilet clogs.

Something for everyone...

So if he’s such a good guy, why is he called Bad Dad? I’ll let him explain in his own words ...
I’m a 'bad dad'… My kids tell me that so it must be true. Sometimes I feel that way. But ultimately I try to do the right thing, and hey, that’s what counts, right?
We have four boys. We’ve learned the hard way that once you're outnumbered, you are constantly on the defensive trying manage the chaos.
Truth be told, I’d probably rather be sleeping all day and watching TV all night. But I’ve been *blessed* with children and responsibility.
These are my mis-adventures in parenting. It’s been bumpy. Maybe you can relate to them. I hope you enjoy the ride. Perhaps we’ll both learn something along the way.