Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pigs WILL Fly?

Gail Plowman and her team believe that anything's possibly where there's a will. (Wait, I think I got that proverb wrong; oh well...)

I discovered fellow-Aussie Gail's site last year after a tip-off. Pigs Will Fly is an independent, self-funded, self-help website with a can-do attitude that provides an e-bulletin, Australia-wide jobs list, small business, tourism & community information with strong environmental and justice themes.

Here's a taste of the interesting posts available:
You get the idea...

Gail's bio reads:

Gail Plowman is an ex Melbourne French teacher who in the late 80s, with husband Ian and their three sons, moved to Sale in country Victoria, to build the Marina Hotel at Loch Sport on the Gippsland Lakes. They went for one year, stayed for ten, and the boys, now young men, all identify as ‘country kids’ - loved the community spirit, country living and the grassroots enthusiasm and creativity!

Reluctant to leave, Gail has now settled back into Kangaroo Ground on the outskirts of Melbourne. Through the Loch Sport business and country tourism association promotional efforts, it was a natural progression to become involved in grassroots community and tourism development, helping to set up the Loch Sport Community House and a ‘local rag’ “The Loch Sport Link” along the way.

[She now works] closely with Local Government and local communities trying to work out how, together, the public and private sectors could achieve more for all the effort everyone puts in.

To Gail and her team, keep up the awesome work!

Pay them a visit folks.

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