Monday, January 07, 2008

Brain Frieze

Kim writes:

I am a native of south Florida, and currently live in West Palm Beach. Although my time in college and the Army took me away from home for 10 years, I've otherwise been living in the land of sunshine, Africa-hot summers, and early bird specials all my life.

I am currently on Career 3.1. After working full-time as a web design teacher for the Palm Beach County School District I moved up the career ladder and now work at the district office where I am responsible for web stuff in general, and our Learning Tools web site in particular. Career 1.0 saw me in the Army as a Field Artillery officer for 6 years. In Career 2.0 I spent 10 years running the family business, designing and building custom furniture and cabinets.

His blog has cool categories, amongst them I found

Check out Kim's blog at Brain Frieze

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