Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Days of the Insane - Cat Marsters/Kate Johnson

One of those unique sites where you get multiple viewpoints from the same individual:
Cat writes naughty books about vampires and werewolves and fae, oh my. Kate writes nutty books about blonde people being stupid. They both live inside the head of the same person, most of the time.

She writes On Beauty:
Fast-forward twenty or so years, and we've turned a corner so sharp we're facing back the other way. The beautiful heroine is No More. In her place is a gal with a few extra pounds, hair that's unmanageable, and tiny little flat bosoms. She doesn't have the time or money for designer togs and expensive manicures (but she can still go out without make-up, so she can't be truly ugly). She's meant to be like you and me. She's meant to be normal. But the gorgeous blonde with the dainty hips and giant bazoombas hasn't gone away. She's still there...as the Evil One.
She is quite the published author, be sure to check out her book list on the left column. And if you really want to do her a favor, buy one and see if you want to buy another!

In the meantime, consider adding her site to your RSS Reader of choice

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