Thursday, November 08, 2007

Something Used - Hugh McIntyre

I met Hugh at the welcome desk when he came by to volunteer for next year's event. As I cruise amongst the links on his MySpace pages, there is a good stuff going on there.
Hello there everyone! My name is Hugh McIntyre and I run Something Used. Something Used is a booking agency and soon to be a clothing line! I do much more than that, however. Every event I do has a purpose. There is always a cause that I try to educate people about, aide, or support in some way. I believe that educating people leads to action, which leads to a better world for everyone. While my end goal is to save the world, I know I am going to need a lot of help in doing it, so I appreciate all I can get :-)
Click through to his page and find more about Hugh and maybe you can help him.

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