Monday, November 05, 2007

Loud Mouth Man - Nick Butler

Yes, with a handle like loudmouthman, and the completely comfortable presence to wear a kilt, Nick is one cool dude. My tri-corner cap paled in comparison.

I had a good time talking with him at PodCamp Boston. I like his business card text: "social networker and opinioneer". His card is distinct; one of the small form factor type. I almost lost it amongst my pile.

Fear not, Nick. I did find it and hence this posting!


ReducedHackers said...

Well thank you sir for posting the link. Yes that Kilt was very comfortable and your Hat singled you out as well. Then again so did your Height and your own presence. Thanks for helping make Podcamp an enjoyable experience.

Steve Sherlock said...

You are most welcome Nick. The company we were all in helped to make the conference a success. One thing about social media I get reminded of periodically is that it is only a tool and works only when people do get together (as a result of it) to do stuff like at PodCamp, sharing, learning, and having a good time!