Monday, November 26, 2007

5 From Bernie DeKoven - The Funsmith

Bernie DeKoven is always "having fun, just for fun". I stop by regularly and have accumulated a few of his highlights to share here. I think you'll enjoy!

1 - San Francisco in jello! Yes, check out the work of Liz Hickok

2 - The Hema department store has created what might arguably be the most playfully frame-breaking vision of an online catalog absolutely ever, so far. Click, watch, and, in a most Rubenesquely Goldebergish manner, be amused.

3 - Matthew White's site:
Basically, I'm not out to convince you of anything, so you don't have to believe me if you don't want to. I created this page for my own benifit. Maintaining an online atlas gives my research structure and direction. It brings up questions that I can then seek answers to, and let's face it, questions are always better than answers. I would hope that you come away from this site with fascinating questions rather than smug answers. It's the only way to learn
4 - The internet anagram server. Yes, you give it a word or two and it will produce the anagrams from it. For the several that I checked on, it seems to do them all by the dictionary and does it very well!

5 - Food art. Yes, lots of fun.


Thanks to Bernie for finding these in his travels!

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