Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My father
has had some recent health issues. Yes, he is getting as much older each day as I am. Hard as that is to believe as it is to accept, we are as young as we will ever be. This has forced my siblings and I to face some issues with his health, his driving, and his medical coverage. I found and a quick read shows it to be a good source of information. For example:
  1. figure out if my parent has Alzheimer's
  2. understand why driving is such a charged issue
  3. keep my parents from getting scammed
  4. sort through the Medicare maze
  5. move my parent to assisted living or a nursing home
  6. understand my parent's cancer prognosis
If your parent or parents of friends have similar needs, let them know about this site.


Pete Aldin said...

Coming face to face with our parents' mortality is almost as challenging as coming face to face with our own.

Feel for ya, Steve, it can be a difficult time. But I get the feeling that a man as wise and compassionate as you will navigate it well.

Steve Sherlock said...

Thanks Pete! I appreciate that.