Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Idaho Gardener

From cultivating the employees to cultivating your garden, in Idaho of all places!

All about gardening in Idaho and the Rocky Mountains, Zone 6 and I’m stickin to it

Mary writes about herself:

Hi and welcome to Idaho Gardener. My name is Mary Ann Newcomer. I also have several nicknames - the printable ones are M. A. , Auntie Mame , Dirt Diva, Princess Dew Sparkle and Duchess of Dirt.

A native daughter of Idaho, I have been gardening since I was a small child. My grandmother and grandfather were avid gardeners and I was given a 3′x3′ plot for starters. I was encouraged to grow radishes, I believe because they came up in just a couple of days (instant gratification for a 5 year old) and because the first sets of leaves were heart shaped (a message from my grandmother).

And she's thinking ahead:

Alright, we are planning our autumnal gatherings already! Mark you calendars for November 3, at the Grove, another symposium for “Rethinking the Idaho Landscape.” After many many days of 100 degree days, it is time to rethink lots of things.

Read the remainder here.

Assuming you like gardening and can pick up a few pointers here add this site to your RSS Reader of choice.

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