Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Five Word Coffee Shop Reviews and more...

Any real cyberspace hitchhiker knows that the best fuel for the journey is coffee. But on today's journey, where will I find the best "bean" for my buck?

I know! I will go and consult Markk of My Opinions Are Important and his Five word coffee shop reviews. (Yes that's Markk with 2 k's). He writes:

I have a dream. I have a dream that one day, every coffee shop will be judged not by its brand name but by the quality of its coffee. To this end, I have instituted the Five Word Coffee Shop Review. One day, I’ll have a five word review of every coffee shop in existence! I’m not quite there yet though, which is where you can help. Submit a review in the comments below and I’ll add it to the list. All coffee shops reviewed are in Melbourne (Australia), except for the ones that aren’t.

Some of the reviews are quite inventive, given the 5-word limit. So far Markk has reviews coming in from 2 Australian states AND Taiwan! Maybe some American and European readers can add to his list...

On his main blog, Markk keeps his posts organised according to the following categories:

22 Percent

Communists and
Nazis and bears! Oh my!

Deep & Meaningful
Family & Friends
Five word coffee shop reviews
Interesting, but otherwise unclassifiable
Mundane day-to-day stuff
cat-related Internet stuff

that are coming to KILL US ALL!!!!

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markk said...

Nice write-up there, Pete. This looks like an interesting project going on here, too.