Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The DV Show

The only weekly podcast dedicated to answering listener questions related to digital video. Every Sunday night at 8 p.m. EST, The DV Show is recorded LIVE then delivered as a podcast fresh and piping hot to subscribers worldwide every Monday morning. The show is described by listeners as informative, edgy, offbeat, irreverent and interactive- featuring technical advice, careful reviews, product news, tips, contests and high-profile questions and answer sessions with industry professionals -- all in a quick and engaging 60 minute format.
On the trail of sites referenced during the Boston Media Makers meeting on Sunday, August 5th. Brian Alves participated in the session and talked about his work.

They had a set of experts who will answer your question on editing digital video. The archives and FAQ's are loaded with tips and tricks.

They have a blog you can also subscribe to.

The DV Show should be a good source of info for any one interested in video blogging or vlogging.

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Pete Aldin said...

What a great tip. Thanks again Steve!