Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Mark Mischke's Blog

The trail continues along the Milford Daily News article on local bloggers to introduce Mark Mischke. Mark writes in his about page:

I'm pretty much your average techie-guy. My interests include hiking, movies, reading, old comic books and, of course, computers. I have a degree in Chemistry from the University of Connecticut, and I'm a member of Mensa. I've been developing Windows software and Web applications since the early 90's.

Professionally, I started out as a organic chemist and ended up as a software engineer. Chemistry was a lot of fun, but I left the field because of the constant hazards of working with toxic and unstable materials. I hold sixteen U.S. patents dealing with imaging systems and I've co-authored two research papers.

I began my software career developing Windows-based instrument control applications in C, followed by several years of Web development with start-ups and other cutting-edge firms. I've been an independent consultant since 2000. Since late 2001 I've focused solely on the .Net platform with my projects pretty much evenly split between Windows Forms apps, Web apps and server components.

Mark writes
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