Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bloggers Anonymous

Laughter is good medicine, a truism that comes up time and again and really qualifies as worthy of being a truism.

Blogging is many things and to some people a good outlet to share their humorous creativity.

Bloggers Anonymous is one of those sites.

Do you suffer from Blog Rage? Check out the top ten symptoms:

10: You own a voodoo doll that says "Die, Seth Godin, die!"

9: You post a YouTube of you kickboxing it out with a cardboard cut-out of Robert Scoble

8: You sold the email address of everyone on your blog roll to Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud Emailers

Read the full post for the remainder of the listing.

Do you live with Blog Deficit Disorder (BDD)?

I sat down to write this post about, like, a million times today. The whole general idea is that BDD -- it stands for Blog Deficit Disorder -- is really hard to live with, and it's hard to concentrate enough on one post or one blog. It's hard to get anything done, bottom line, when you spend your whole day flitting from blog to blog. But it doesn't feel like flitting. It feels like I'm in a...well, community.

Read the full posting and find out.

After this, you might want to add Bloggers Anonymous to your RSS reader of course.

While you may never know when a chuckle will help the day, I like the idea that there is nothing wrong with a chuckle a day!

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