Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Fashion Incubator - Kathleen Fasanella

Kathleen writes:
Wary now, for here there be tygers....
A long time ago, mapmakers of the planet didn't know the earth was round. Along the edges of the limits of their maps (the boundary of what they knew to map) were written the words "Here there be tygers", conveying their fears of the unknown, assuming it was most assuredly terrible. Time has shown that the maps of our planet are not terrible at all but endless source of wonder, knowledge and understanding. In truth, the only tyger of any truly dangerous consequence is one's own limitations and fears. As a visitor to this site I say to you: Wary now, for here there be tygers. Slay yours before proceeding further and you could find limitless horizons to a world you never knew existed. ~~~~Nurture people, not products~~~~
If you are interested in lessons from the sustainable factory floor, why not stop here?

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1 comment:

Kathleen Fasanella said...

Hi Steve
thanks for the blurb. Being an industrial type blog, there's not a whole lot of interest to consumers but my two part series on "Camel Toes" has been pretty popular :)