Monday, December 05, 2005

A View from England - Maureen

Maureen writes at A View from England
I'm an American expat - from Minnesota - residing in the UK. I live in a small town near London with my English husband and our two sons (16 and 14).

I follow current events avidly and I'm particularly interested in issues about parenting, education, health, nature, and the environment.

I enjoy reading, writing, gardening, birding, aerobics, movies, and going to the theatre. My other interests are philosophy, psychology, history and of course blogging!

I frequently blog about the government's plans for an ID card & National Identity Register which I strongly oppose.
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Maureen said...

Hi Steve! I just discovered your interesting blog. Thanks for posting about my blog - I appreciate it.

Steve Sherlock said...

You are most welcome! Troy and I are the current Hitchhiker team and this is fun stuff. Glad you like it. It helped us find you, now we can keep up with the latest in good old England!