Wednesday, December 07, 2005 - group blog by women about women and technology

The description of is: is a weblog about women and technology. It's a celebration of women's contributions to computing; a place to spotlight women's contributions as well point out new opportunities and challenges for women in the computing field.
The group of women posting there are:

danah boyd
Hilde Corneliussen
Caterina Fake
Meg Hourihan
Liz Lawley
Fiona Romeo
Dorothea Salo
Halley Suitt
Gina Trapani
Jill Walker

Oh, and Halley is here also! No, I am not following her around. She does not need my support, she already is an A lister. We are way out here on the edge of the long tail!

But for the woman's view point, you need go no further than to visit!

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