Tuesday, December 27, 2005

bard's eye view - Jeremy Abrams

From Jeremy's profile:
A blog "...that knits up the blogger's ravelled sleeve of care. Balm of bloggers' hurt minds. Chief nourisher in life's feast of blogging."
An approach to blogging and expressing oneself is to take on a persona, an alter ego. Jeremy takes on the world from the view point of one of the great writer's, William Shakespeare.

From Iago, Morgan Freeman and Racism, Jeremy writes:
Each century finds in Shakespeare, through his humanity, answers to its own questions, questions that lay beyond Shakespeare's own day, in the undiscovered country of the future. Just as Mr. Freeman's description of a post-racist world may have pointed to the undiscovered country of our future. As for Mr. Freeman's imagined future, as Hamlet says in a somewhat different context:

"'Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished."
From Measure for Measure and Patriot Act, Jeremy writes:
Bardseye's viewers who don't already know can today be informed that the Duke himself was listening in on Isabella and Claudio's family squabble. Mistrustful of Angelo, the Duke in fact never left Vienna. He assumed instead a friar's habit and secretly wandered the backstreets of his own city, learning at first hand the nature of the people he governed.

Under the expanded powers of the Patriot Act, the FBI and NSA (National Security Council for our non-American readers) have for the last four years been doing much the same. And in our modern recasting we will have Angelo stand in for an Al Qaida cell member, whose public face of rectitude, like Angelo's, belies his nefarious subterranean plans. Isabella's virtue will stand for something like the Brooklyn or Golden Gate Bridge, or the Sears Tower, or the Statue of Liberty or the White House. Or maybe just a planeload of people.
I could go on but it is best that you read this for yourself.

Shakespeare is as relevent today as he was in the Elizabethan times and Jeremy makes this very clear.

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