Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Being Reasonable - Marc Babej

Marc Babej write at Being Reasonable, the blog for Reason, Inc.

From this week's interview with Tom Asacker, author of A Clear Eye for Branding, Marc writes:
In the minds of many marketers, retention is almost synonymous with “loyalty.” You see it differently. In your view, what’s the problem with loyalty as a framework?

Loyalty is another poor metaphor for business. Listen, when they asked Einstein what single event was most helpful to him in developing his theory of relativity, he answered: “Figuring out how to think about the problem.” With his enlightened answer in mind, I would suggest that marketers employ a new mental model to help them think about their problems and stay aware of, and adapt to, the increasing number of sudden and unexpected shifts in the marketplace.
From Surprise, Surprise: Viewers Want DVR's to Skip Ads

Last month, TV executives claimed their research had revealed that TV viewers use DVRs to time-shift programming, not to skip ads. Agenda: get advertisers to pay for time-shifted ad impressions.

Not so, says WPP media agency MindShare. According to a survey published earlier this week, 80% of DVR owners mentioned the ability of DVRs to skip ads. As Jason Maltby of Mindshare Broadcast puts it; “consumers want to control not just what they watch and when they watch, but also the ability to avoid commercial placements.”

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