Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Teach Me Team Work - Tom Heck

Tom Heck blogs on the coach approach to team and leadership development games and theory.

Tom writes

... there are six stages of development:
1. Restoration Stage
2. Personal Foundation Stage
3. Adult Stage
4. Attraction Stage
5. Fulfillment Stage
6. Legacy Stage (the most advanced stage)

The length of time a team has been together does not necessarily reflect where they are along their path of development. There are many well-established teams that are at the Personal Foundation Stage (and may remain there for the life of the team).

One way to determine the stage of the team is to administer the assessment to all the team members. Compile the data from all of the individual assessments and average the scores and you’ll get a clear sense of where the team is along their path of development.

This is good stuff on team work and team building.

Read Tom here!

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