Saturday, November 05, 2005

Jonathan's Blog - Jonathan Schwartz

Jonathan Schwartz is the CEO of Sun Microsystems writes a blog.

As I wrote a week or so ago, building a user base isn't about rewriting unctionality that works well today, it's about identifying efficiencies and differentiation, and innovating to create value for consumers.

Read the remainder of his "Simple Future" here.

As a software guy, here's a simple (though often irritating) rule behind user oriented software: The language in which a product is written has nothing to do with the value it conveys. Coming from the company that produced Java technology, that probably sounds a little odd. But it's a simple truth, especially when it comes to users: if the app's no good, it's no good, even if it's implemented in Java. Or PHP. Or Rails.

Read the remainder of his posting on Open, Ajax and Common Sense here.

This should be enough of a teaser to lead you to set up to read Jonathan's Blog regularly.

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