Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Run Strong / Run Long - LisaLeese

LisaLeese writes at Run Strong / Run Long. In her about me section, she answers the question why?
So, why do I keep at it? My mother asked me that recently, after looking at a list of my various injuries. "Don't they hurt a lot? Aren't you doing some permanent damage?" I reassured her the best I could that my knees would not go to mush, or that I would not cripple myself. I guess the only people who really understand why I keep coming back for more would be other runners. I do it for my physical health. I do it so I can eat BAD food and not feel too bad about it. I do it to keep my head clear. I do it for the challenge of training and the pain of speedwork, and realizing I am strong enough to triumph over that pain. I do it to be part of a greater community of runners who feel the same way about the road or trails under their feet, with nothing but their own thoughts to pace them. I do the marathons because.. they're there.. and why not?
If you want to hear about the trials of running and living in Houston, TX read LisaLeese!

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